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Paul Keggington

November 01, 2007

Sister Julie Ann called and ask if I would write for the Blog and I truly thought this is a Halloween Joke cuz I know nothing about a Blog and much less write in one…..well she doesn`t give up so here I am just giving an idea of what this day November 1st will be like for me so far.

Mass of course for the holy day but than back to church for Liturgy of the Word for one of the first people I contacted when I arrived here in Marquette in January of 1992.  Theresa was a total joy, with a sense of humor, artistic ability, and added to that a life of suffering.  Divorce, car accident and unable to pay utility bills and through it all she added more to my day than I could add to her`s

After that I will head to the Catholic Campus Ministry and unload the Van of shoe boxes for the College Students to fill for the homeless.  After these boxes are filled with hygiene items they will be wrapped and than given to Sister Sara in Chicago to give out to the people she meets on the streets.  Different organizations of the college community either Adopt-A-Family or fill Shoe boxes for people at Christmas.  We try to match the organization`s size to the family size.  Times are tough for everyone so we don`t want to burden anyone who is trying to help.

Come home, walk the dog, not mine the neighbor`s and than return calls before heading to the “Palace”, my storage, and put boxes together for Christmas families.

Manage to get home for some supper and than out to Christ Church for a session on the Room at the Inn, a new homeless shelter being organized during the cold winter months of the U.P.  I volunteered for meals and laundry.  Night duty is not my cup of tea.

More on that as the month goes on.  See ya

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