Into the Light by Alice Peacock

Paul Keggington

May 01, 2008

Alice PeacockAt the end of this academic semester the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity spotlight musician Alice Peacock. Born in White Bear Lake, MN, Alice is now a longtime Chicago resident and gifted multi-genre singer/songwriter. A musician who dapples in jazz, blues, country and pop, she has the buoyancy to write music for all ages as well as to create tunes that sound both familiar and refreshingly unique. Family background and values feed her natural desire to perform and reach out to others. Maternal grandmother was a German cabaret composer and performer. Her maternal grandfather was an actor, a member of Bertolt Brecht’s Berliner Ensemble. Starting a not-for-profit organization Rock for Reading in 2003, Alice Peacock’s world is not just about music, but she believes strongly in giving back to society. Her desire to support literacy comes from a personal passion for reading.

Alice Peacock at pianoAlice Peacock: “I wrote “Into the Light” as a reminder to myself that as long as I continually turn to and search out the Light/Love/God, I would be on the right path to become the person that I was born to be. This song was originally written and performed on guitar but I like the sacred aspect that playing it on the piano brings.” To find out more about Alice Peacock ( or to purchase cds go to

Song Lyrics:I think it is great that you’re searching -seek and ye shall find, knock and the door shall be opened to the windows of your mind. Try not to be too impatient. Go easy on yourself ’cause you got me in your corner if you need a little help.

Come into the light, yeah, be the one you’re born to be into the light. Wake up from your lonely sleep. The shadows can conceal what the heart wants to heal. Come into the light…

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