St. Anne is Named Patron of Choice

Paul Keggington

July 26, 2008

Polls are tooled to find out what people think about the elections, issues, events, etc. Today there is credible evidence in the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity’s official birthday/feastday book that St. Anne, Mary the Mother of God’s mother, is the ultimate Franciscan Sisters’ individual patronal saint of choice. Now, of course if one added together all the Marian feasts during the year, Anne’s daughter would be the most popular model of charity. 

img_4415_1319.jpgThe Twenty-nine Franciscan Sisters who personally celebrate St. Anne’s life of exemplary fidelity to the Lord include these names and more: Adrianna, Alanna, Ann Joachim, Anne, Anne Marie, Annette, Carol Ann, Evelyn Ann, Frances Ann, George Ann, Hannah, Imelda Ann, Jerianne, , Lois Ann, Lucianna, Mary Ann, Nancy and Sue Ann. One Sister, Sister Ann Joachim, holds this day in special commemoration by very fittingly relying on the intercession of both of Mary’s parents (Jesus’ grandparents Saints Anne and Joachim). Both are depicted in this stainglass window in St. Francis Chapel at the Motherhouse in Manitowoc along with their daughter.

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