The FEST: Ohio Catholics Celebrate Mega-event

Paul Keggington

August 05, 2008

img_4444_1358.jpgWhat is forever? Northeast Ohio’s largest free Christian festival, The FEST, ushered in 27,000 people on August 3, 2008 in Wickliffe, OH.  Forever was the theme of THE FEST. The Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity and many others were part of the enthusiastic crowd that made this Sunday truly a lasting memory.

This was written in the The FEST program:

As The FEST prepared for this day, many asked, “Why Forever? We understand past FEST themes like ONE, Expect a Miracle, and Believe, but Forever?” As we prayed and discerned the theme for FEST 2008, we found ourselves reflecting on three points:

  • During these challenging times, both local and global, how comforting and hopeful for so many of us to remember that “FOREVER, God is faithful.”
  • In a world where the economy is pressing us to find new and better ways of living, FOREVER calls us to remember that we need to use well all that God has entrusted to our care. Even though heaven is forever, we need to care for our world here and now.
  • As we sit on the grounds of our diocesan seminary, home for seventy-five men discerning and preparing for priesthood and consecrated life, we reflect on the words, “You are a priest “FOREVER” in service to the Lord. May this day open the hearts of many of our young people to hear God’s call to serve.

img_4446_1360.jpgWe are the wise stewards of God’s creation and defenders of the sanctity of human life. In the end, FOREVER reminds us that each day, we need to help our world by making choices that reflect our deepest desire to live so that all of us will be united forever with God in heaven…

The main stage performer schedule included: Willy Cleary, North Davenport, Brooke Barrettsmith, Nevertheless, Stellar Kart, Matt Maher, Lee Roessler and Jeremy Camp. The Eucharistic liturgy was the culmination of the day at 8 p.m. Find pictures recalling the good people that made this gathering unforgetable.

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