Aqueduct in Segovia by Jodi

Paul Keggington

October 01, 2008

Noting that Francis spent much of his initial conversion days building with his own hands, the Franciscan Sisters of segovia-057.jpgChristian Charity Image of the Month focuses on an aqueduct in the small town of Segovia, Spain. Jodi, a college student who recently spent a semester in Spain,  is responsible for the photos.

The aqueduct was built without any mortar by the ancient Romans. The shape and weight of the stones alone has kept it standing for 2,000 years. When I look at modern buildings, I know that they haven’t been made to last, and that 2,000 years into the future the aqueduct is more likely to be standing than even our most impressive modern skyscraper. It’s humbling to stand next to a structure that has survived so much. When I touched a stone at its base, I couldn’t help but think of all the other people who have touched that stone, including the ancient laborers that placed it there. It was a more powerful link to the past than any thing I had experienced before.


During this year that we celebrate the 800th anniversary of the Rule of St. Francis, we invite you to comment on an experience that linked you to the past in a powerful way. Contact us if you have a photo that you would like to share.

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