Drifting by Chris Hillman

Paul Keggington

October 01, 2008

lrg-33-03-2-photochrisonstage.jpgArguably the pioneer of the genre known as “Country Rock,” Chris Hillman has carved a permanent niche in the history of contemporary American music through his work with such notable bands as The Byrds, The Flying Burrito Brothers and the Desert Rose Band. The Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity recognize Chris Hillman during this month of celebrating St. Francis, drifter and dreamer.

“Traditional Family Values” (have) worked for thousands of years, and I think a lot of people my age are embracing a more conservative outlook on life. Once you’ve experienced marriage and have raised children your priorities change and you appreciate all who have gone before and the wisdom they tried to impart”, Hillman stated in an interview with Charles Levin.Close friend and Appellate Court Justice artist_pic_f2.gifSteven Perrin said it best when he commented: “He (Hillman) has a wonderful social conscience…(whose) passion for good family and upbringing is unbounded. I have never seen a better father more dedicated to raising his children”.A family’s love can help you move along. These days, Hillman is always looking towards the future, not the glorious past, writing new songs, singing, planning a new live album and just “playing the kind of music he loves”. He is also deeply involved in “passing on his (musical) gifts to others“, teaching and encouraging new players and singers.“I’m as happy and fulfilled as I’ve ever been. I am truly blessed to have such a great family and friends to share my life with. This is the best of times”.

 Drifting was originally written in 1990  by myself and my good friend and Christian brother, Steve Hill…  I thought I had lost the lyrics but ended up finding them about two years ago when I was preparing to record  the album  “The Other Side”.  We had even forgotten the melody and somehow came close to the original idea when we recorded  it… Of course it basically describes a “Heavenly Environment”  or  aspiring for  “Heaven on Earth”..   We tried to convey a  Christian message as are most of the songs I recorded on “The Other Side”  CD….                                             Chris Hillman

Song Lyrics:

When I woke up it seemed so bright

This vision I had last night

Drifting in a dream I want to remember

Everything I was ever told

It seemed so clear and in control

Drifting in a dream of love’s surrender

Drifting in a world where no one suffers

And no one grows old

Where love is traded like gold

Where you’ll never be lonely

Nobody ever says no.

I saw a true heaven on earth

Where no one had to be first

Drifting in a dream of love’s surrender

How foolish can one man be

To believe in what one man sees

It takes only one man to make a dream come true

Drifting in a world shining brighter

Through my soul

Where everything is in control

Where you’ll never be lonely

Nobody ever says no


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