Franciscan Sisters Called to Serve in Zanesville, OH

Paul Keggington

November 01, 2008

zanesville.jpgThe book of Eccelesiasticus contains a tender passage that is a means of comfort as the world celebrates All Saints, All Souls, a kind of spiritual facebook feast of connecting and sharing with loved ones who have died and are now ever ready heavenly intercessors.

All these have gained glory in their generations, and were praised in their days…but these were men [women] of mercy, whose godly deeds have not failed…their bodies are buried in peace, and their name liveth unto generation and generation. Let the people show forth their wisdom and the Church their praise.

One of these faithful women of mercy, Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity Sister Mercedes Spaulding began her ministry as a teacher for fifteen years, 1912-1927. She received her Bachelor of Arts Degree from Catholic University in 1935 and also was certified as a Medical Records Librarian that year. Sister Donna Marie Kessler, OSF, Archivist of the Franciscan community, writes:

zanesville2.jpgIn 1927 she was sent to Good Samaritan Hospital where she worked in Admissions and Medical Records for twenty-eight years. She was a perfect public relations person as a business man in Zanesville noted. He said, I believe the 75% of our patients and families know Sister personally and appreciate her kindness and sympathy in time of distress. The physicians of the community have great confidence in her ability to meet their needs and requirements.”

Sister was known for her friendly, tranquil and charitable disposition. She was accepting and had a keen and lively interest in people. She was remembered as a prayerful and good religious woman.

Today in 2008 four Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity are blessed to live and serve in south eastern Ohio at Genesis Healthcare System. Learn about the good deeds of their lives and discover their unique personalities.

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