Applaud Pope Benedict XVI’s Calling Francis Authentic Giant of Holiness

Paul Keggington

January 29, 2010

francisclare-copy.jpgThe Franciscan spirit lives. While continuing his weekly general audience catechetical-natured talks on the Christian culture of the Middle Ages including the lives of noteworthy saints on January 27, 2010, Pope Benedict XVI called St. Francis of Assisi“an authentic giant of holiness”. 

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Here are a few important reasons why this 13th century saint is a model of Gospel living today for the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity and for the world:

  • dedicated to Christ, poor and suffering
  • completely committed to the renewal of the Church in holiness and to the preaching of the Gospel
  • devoted to the Eucharist, as the sacrament of Christ’s real presence
  • lived simply
  • reverently respected God’s creation
  • sensitively entered into dialogue with people of other religions

Catholic News Service offers a  compact summary of the pope’s comments acclaiming St. Francis as an authentic interpreter of the Gospel for current times.

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