Guess Who West Point, NE Awarded the Community Service Award

Paul Keggington

February 27, 2010

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graylogo.gifHow often is a community service award actually presented to another community? Here’s one example.  West Point, NE Chamber of Commerce’s 2010 Community Service Recognition was awarded to the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity.

Although the current Franciscans serving at Franciscan Care Services, Guardian Angels Catholic School and Central Catholic High School were enthusiastically present for a dinner on February 21, 2010, the award actually included all the many members of the religious community who had been sent to serve in West Point during significant years of the town’s proud history.

Sister Louise Hembrecht, OSF, Community Director, was happy to be on hand to receive the engraved plaque having once taught at Catholic Central High School. Sister Adrianna Schouten, OSF, council member, and Sister Laura Wolf, OSF, President of  Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity Healthcare Ministry, Inc., were also present for this nightly celebration saluting the selfless generosity of many of the Franciscan Sisters in education and health care.

The award is given to someone ‘who goes about quietly doing good’ in the community of West Point. Needless to say, the Franciscan Sisters were surprised and touched that others would consider them worthy of this honor.

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