How Catholic Women Religious Experience ‘#1 Boiler Awakening’

Paul Keggington

October 31, 2010

After hanging out with students at Sunday Eucharist and Wednesday night late Mass, Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity were invited to be a small part of the ‘#1 Boiler Awakening’ through St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Center at Purdue University, IN on October 30, 2010.

Boiler Awakening Retreat

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity were invited to be part of the '#1 Boiler Awakening' held for Catholic students attending Purdue University through St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Center.

To be honest ‘Boiler Awakening’ first conjectured images of a closed setting with plenty of engineered steaming water-a type of mineral-spirit spa? We learned, however, that this ‘#1 Boiler Awakening’, a Catholic student-led, student-based retreat was truly about deepening and exploring one’s faith and relationship with God. By encouraging spiritual growth through prayer, service, reflection, and full participation in the Mystical Body of Christ, this impressionable college retreat appeared to be an “awakening” to Christ’s presence in the world for @60 students.

Sister Mary Ann Spanjers, OSF,  was actually part of a panel presentation that happened on the second day.  Sister offered her own perspective as a Catholic woman religious. The FSCC Vocation Team  joined the retreatants for a delicious chicken enchilada dinner before heading back to Wisconsin.

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