Why Franciscans Participate in Societal Activities

Paul Keggington

January 06, 2011

Because of our God-created social nature, Franciscans along with all human persons have a right to participate in societal activities and institutions that protect the dignity of life and promote the well-being of all.

Franciscan Sister Xaveria Wittmann and Franciscan Sister Anne Therese

Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity Sister Xaveria Wittmann tutors international students preparing to be teachers while attending Silver Lake College of the Holy Family, Manitowoc, WI.

How do Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity live Catholic Social Teaching? Here are some examples of our contributions to sustain and promote the common good.

  • Sister Xavieria Wittmann, OSF

Social Justice has many avenues of expression. When one cannot go to the less fortunate countries, one can bring the less fortunate countries closer to home. Sister Anna Therese comes from the African country of Uganda. She came to our college with a minimal education and plans to go back to her native country as a teacher of young children. Tutoring on a one-on-one basis has made it possible for Sister to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Education. It has been a privilege to know I have been a part of making her dreams a reality one day soon.

  • Sister Lorita Gafney, OSF

Woods of Franciscan Sisters of Christian CharityConservation Education, Incorporated of Manitowoc County, was started more than 55 years ago, and is committed to Education on environmental Issues.  We host the Environmental Education workshop every summer, manage Collins Marsh nature Center, participate in local efforts to control invasive species, and foster networking of environmentally concerned citizens.  The annual workshop allows educators and the public to become informed of ecological issues regarding the forest, soil, and water, in order for them to become better citizens and to teach the youth the importance of management of our natural resources. As a Franciscan Institution (Silver Lake College of the Holy Family, Manitowoc, WI), and placing great value on the Integrity of Creation, it is important that we foster practices that promote Stewardship of our resources.

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