Franciscan Novice is Faithful to ‘Habitually Speaking’

Paul Keggington

January 19, 2011
Habitually Speaking Blog Author

Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity Novice Sister Monica Martin is faithful to her 'Habitually Speaking' Blog and writes about many experiences including this Warm Up America Quilt.

Beginning the ‘Habitually Speaking’ blog as a Postulant in 2009, Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity Novice Sister Monica Martin is faithful in writing about her ‘wild and precious life’.

Just what might a Novice write about? Expect sensitive reflections on deepening her relationship with God. Community life, in particular living in a multi-personality Franciscan community, is significant sharing in her endearing journey of discernment.  

Sister Monica answers the question: What do Sisters do all day (with a light-heartedness that shows comfort in the essentials of religious life with a heart open to see God’s amazing goodness in each new moment.)

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Saturday, January 1, 2011 

 …I am going to spend this afternoon working on the Warm Up America! afghan. To find out more about this Foundation that encourages communities and schools to knit/crochet for a good cause, click here. Fifty-nine 7″x9″ rectangles of various colors and patterns were knitted/crocheted by Sisters and were turned into me. (It takes 49 rectangles to make an afghan…I will send in the extra rectangles to the Warm Up America! Foundation.) I still haven’t managed to learn how to crochet, but I haven’t given up on it. I do enjoy it.

Once the rectangles were all handed in, it was time to assemble them together. A week ago, I was praying that somehow the afghan would be completed, even though I had no idea how to join the rectangles. Sr. Caritas came to my rescue and taught me how, and did some of them. Sr. Natalie and I are finishing up connecting the pieces, and then one of the Sisters will be crocheting a border around the afghan. It’s looking really nice! The Warm Up America! Foundation would like the afghan to be given to a local charity so that throughout the country, people will be receiving them. I did some thinking and praying about it, and I’d like to give it to the Manitowoc County Domestic Violence Center for someone there.

Today, Sister Pamela Catherine is leaving to spend a week in Greenwood, MS and tomorrow, I will be leaving to spend a week in Marquette, MI, in the Upper Penninsula. We have mission sites in those places, and we are both looking forward to our stays. Sister Pamela Catherine is traveling by train and I am traveling by car. Both of us are grateful that we aren’t flying, with the pat-downs they do these days! The postulants will also be spending a week on mission. They will each be at a different mission site in Wisconsin.

So 2011 is starting out well. I pray that 2011 is full of many blessings for you and your loved ones!

Franciscan Novice Sister Monica at Catholic Campus Center…In other news, I had a wonderful week for my mission experience in the U.P. (Upper Penninsula of Michigan)! I stayed in Marquette, and was amazed by all the welcoming, genuine people I met. I got to learn about and experience what it is like to minister in a parish. My week included visits with people in nursing homes and in their own homes, doing sacristy for masses, counting collection money for parish needs, visiting the preschool, spending time with our sisters in Republic, Champion, and Ishpeming, joining Northern Michigan University students for part of their retreat to start out the new semester in prayer, helping with communion services at nursing homes, helping with the Fish Bake, and so forth…. It was a really nice experience! 

 (For photos click here and scroll down to see the slideshow.)

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