Catholic Sisters Receive Super Sunday Coverage

Paul Keggington

February 06, 2011

By far the Super Bowl is front-page news today, but Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity are overwhelmed with our own exclusive Super Sunday Sister coverage -especially with our Postulants’ vocation stories receiving attention in the Herald Times Reporter, Manitowoc, WI.  Other weekend articles appeared in Yuma, AZ and Zanesville, OH.

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity Postulants' are featured in one of the articles found in 2011 Super Bowl Weekend coverage.

Benjamin Wideman and Sarah Koepling are responsible for prime Franciscan placement on the front cover of Manitowoc’s esteemed local newspaper for friendly Sister rivalry for the big Packer/Steeler game. But paging further in the February 6, 2011 edition, Postulants Rose Pearson, Leslie Gonia, Holly Larsen and Lindsey Lanier are featured in an article written by Ben entitled Franciscan Sisters welcome largest group of postulants since 1992 .

You’ll want to read all of these articles with us. Here are the links:

Franciscan Sisters welcome largest group of postulants since 1992 by Benjamin Wideman, photos Benjamin Wideman, HTR, Manitowoc, WI

Franciscan Sisters are faithful fans by Sarah Koepling, photo by  Benjamin Wideman, HTR, Manitowoc, WI

Nuns for Packers by Brittany Harris

Yuma nuns cheer for Green Bay Packers by Mara Kanub Yuma Daily Sun, Yuma, AZ

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