Fear-Freed by Franciscan Sister Nancy Kinate

Paul Keggington

March 06, 2011

Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity Sister Nancy Kinate reflects on the Word of God in Isaiah 41 &43 and Luke 8:23-27 in the poem ‘Fear-Freed’.

One Scripture phrase which appears frequently caught my attention is: “Do not be afraid…or “Fear not…” It is addressed to so many different characters among God’s people and even to the most faithful of the faithful, Mary, in the account of the Annunciation. This phrase has been very comforting and hopeful to me over the years and has prompted me to consider: Could this repetitive theme be there because fear is such a common temptation and human reaction, even among the very faithful in Scripture? Certainly this is true for me, especially relative to the unexpected and challenging experiences of life. (photo: Sister Elena Gonzales, OSF)


Tenderly yet tightly I rest secure

Fear-freed in the arms of God

Deftly drawn to love all life

I hug experience and tenuously touch future.

Trembling tugs and tears at heart and hope

As beats the slow, strong, steady pulse.

Generous, gentle, generative God grace this pace.

As cling-free and confused for You I grope.

Fear rocks and floods the embrace

Both chiding and calming, fragile faith.

For life fear-full when fear freed

Journeys stormy sea to sacred space.

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