What is a Jubilee of Religious Profession

Paul Keggington

May 23, 2011

This question came from a young woman who was waiting for an early morning flight after a Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity Discernment Weekend. Invited to come along and be part of the choir for a Diocese of Green Bay Jubilee Celebration for Women and Men Religious, she was able to experience ‘jubilee’ though the planning efforts of an advisory board representing various communities serving in the diocese.

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity participated in planning and celebrating in the Diocese of Green Bay special celebration of Jubilees in Religious Life.

First, ‘jubilee’ is a church word. When attributed to consecrated persons, it is synonymous with anniversary. Gathered for this Eucharist at St. Francis Xavier Cathedral were women (it appeared the men were unable to be there)  with bright yellow corsages that had lived the vowed life for 25, 50, 60 and 75 years. Joy was evident in their faces as they formed an entrance procession and had places of honor for the Eucharist. The theme of the liturgy was Living Stones, Chosen & Precious.

Bishop David Ricken was the presider of this Mass giving special mention of the years of dedicated presence and service of these ‘jubilarians’. After the Gospel, he invited them to renew their vows. Later,  after Sister Florence Youngwirth, ANG, Diocesan Representative for Religious, called each one by name, he gave them a strong hand shake and a simple token of remembrance.  Other priests, Brothers, Sisters, family members and friends were present in the congregation to thank God for His faithfulness in these years of commitment.

Click here for your own experience of ‘jubilee’. (Compliments of Sam Lucero, editor and professional photographer for The Compass!)

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