How Franciscan Sisters Welcome Jesuit Volunteers

Paul Keggington

September 08, 2011

At a recent gathering Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity serving at Santa Cruz and San Xavier Mission   Parishes welcomed 5 Jesuit Volunteers sent to live a simple life of service for the year in Tucson, AZ. We invite you to visit our calledtobe Franciscan youtube channel for podcasts on the ministries of the Sisters.

We welcomed 5 Jesuit Volunteers serving in Tucson this year. Our connection is Gordon who is teaching computer technology at both Santa Cruz and San Xavier Schools. Gordon hails from Honolulu, HI and graduated from Creighton University. He is excited about living a spiritual, simple life of service in community. Both schools are blessed by Gordon’s presence.

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity welcomed this year's Jesuit Volunteers to Tucson, AZ.

The other volunteers are just as impressive as Gordon. Conor, a Marquette graduate is from Omaha, NE. He is serving at the Tucson Food Bank developing gardens. All enjoyed a laugh when he described his work so far as “digging holes”. His supervisor clarified that they were preparing planting beds.

Antonio is also serving at the Tucson Food Bank processing data. A native Louisianan, he feels at home in our monsoon humidity. He graduated from Santa Clara University.

Lillian, a Providence College grad, came from Vermont to serve as an Employment Specialist at the Primavera Foundation. Her passion for social justice makes her happy to use her skills to help the homeless attain security.

Kaylyn, a Fordham University graduate, is a lovely woman from Philadelphia. She is serving as a Client Advocate at New Beginnings for Women and Children. She is excited to have this hands-on experience as she hopes to continue her education in Women’s Studies or Social Work.

A simple life style, community life, prayer and service are the four cornerstones of their lives. Perhaps this experience will be a prelude to a life-time commitment.

This welcoming gathering was coordinated by a former Jesuit Volunteer, Cecelia, who was accompanied by her daughter, Maggie. Cecelia is the official sponsor and support person for the group. Several other former Jesuit Volunteers as well as staff from the Food Bank, Primavera and New Beginnings and the pastor of Holy Trinity Parish were all there to offer welcome and support. Father Bill Remmel, SDS, a native of Waupaca, WI, went to school with our Sister Ann Mary Hart! Small world!

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