Franciscans Present for Martin Luther King Observance

Paul Keggington

January 16, 2012

Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity Sister Kathleen Murphy writes about the January 15,  2012 Greenwood, MS Martin Luther King Day observance.

Diversity is Our Strength!  Unity is Our Goal!  Empowerment is our Destiny!  This was the theme for the 27th national holiday observance of Martin Luther King Day in Greenwood, Mississippi.  A large crowd of marchers young and old gathered at the St. Francis Center in Greenwood.  The walk was short, but spirited with singing accompanying the march.  Many groups held signs and banners to identify themselves.  Once at the Friendship Missionary Baptist Church, Senator David Jordan and local ministers offered an introduction and blessing prayers for the program. 

The Reverend Earl Reed was the main speaker.  He reminded those gathered that having differences does not mean that we must be divided.  He urged those listening to recognize the differences among those in our communities, to respect the gifts of others and then to unify the efforts of all with each one sharing their unique abilities.  He quipped that “Nobody can beat me at being me.”  His point was that we should be proud to be ourselves, to be unique, to be different.

The program was punctuated with wonderful gospel music by the congregation, the church choir and the high school choir.  We could all conclude, “Lord, it is good to be here.”

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