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At the dawn of 2012 Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity Novices Sister Monica, Sister Regina Rose and Sister Leslie and Postulant Regina traveled by train, plane and car for a one week visit to diverse locations of our Community’s apostolic ministries.�

Why are they going?

The week long scheduled visit  is not meant to provide technical or professional training, but it allows Novices and Regina another look at Franciscan community life. They will encounter other professed Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity witnessing faithfulness to God in the midst of meaningful ministry and be given the opportunity to balance contemplation and action themselves. 

Open to interaction with a variety of people in many different settings, the travelers hope to enjoy common life with Sisters  they may have never had the opportunity to meet or possibly had only brief conversations.

Where exactly are they going?

Here’s a listing of ‘who is going where’:

  • Sister Monica-St. Francis of Assisi Convent, Greenwood, MS
  • Sister Regina Rose-St. Mary Convent, West Point, NE
  • Sister Leslie-St. Benedict Convent, Cambridge, OH
  • Regina-St. Peter the Fisherman, Two Rivers, WI

Watch for updated images.  This week we will continue to post some on-site action photos from the Novices.

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