Franciscanized Free Music: ‘Blessed Are They’ by Jan Krist

Paul Keggington

May 01, 2012

As each day awakens the opportunity to live the Gospel anew, Franciscan Sisters invite you to download Jan Krist’s Blessed Are They this month of May.

Our Most High God, made it clear to Saint Francis that he and his followers ‘should live according to the pattern of the Holy Gospel’. Our song of the month begs further contemplation on Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, the beatitudes, a summary of how we are called to be lovers of God and neighbor today.

Comment from Jan Krist

I wrote the song basically to say-there are forces in the world which are driven by greed, forces driven by negative motives. As God’s people it’s important that we be driven by love.

About Jan Krist

With 13 nominations and 4 Detroit Metro Music Awards under her belt, Krist has proven herself to be a Detroit area favorite. She can also claim the honor of being a finalist at the Kerrville song writing competition, in Kerrville TX, an annual event which helped to launch the careers of Lyle Lovett and Nancy Griffith. Krist takes her ordinary, plain Jane demeanor and all the elements learned to take for granted (6 strings and common time) and lets us know, this is not your ordinary woman with a guitar, even if it is.

Fallow Ground, Jan Krist’s highly anticipated new CD is available now at shows and through

This CD was a long time coming and includes the songs : Flew Away, Burn Down Love, Never Was Enough, Fallow Ground, Jesus Saves, So Sweet that it Burns, Guilt and Shame, Charcoal Sky, Mama was a Beauty, Auld Langsine, The Moon’s an Orange Boat, In God’s Name (what did we do in..), Sunday Morning & A Song for Hard Times.

Fallow Ground is a thoughtful mapping of the past six years +, with the kind of lyrical power we have come to expect from this acclaimed singer-songwriter.

Tracks feature performances by many of Krist’s favorite collaborators; Annie Capps & Jim Bizer of the Yellow Room Gang, Alan Finkbeiner and Kenny Meeks. There are also a number of newcomers to the mix; Rod Capps, Joel Gragg, Lauren Bittinger, Jason Dennie, Michael “Bear” Clare and Warsaw Symphony Cellist, Dan Zombrano.


Blessed are the powerless

Blessed are the poor

Blessed are the ignorant who never know the score

And blessed are the preyed-upon

Whose bodies bear the scars,

Whose memories are nightmares

and whose ways have all been barbed

Blessed are they

Who need help along the way

Blessed are they

Blessed are the missing

Blessed are the lame

Blessed are the ones we lost the day the locust came

Blessed is the hole that’s left and blessed are the souls

Of all the numb and grieving that will not be consoled

Blessed are they

Who need help along the way

Blessed are they

Blessed are the peacemakers sifting for the lost

And blessed are the gracious who anchor all the tossed

And blessed are the generous who give with every breath

Who see the broken everywhere just waiting to be blessed


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