Nehemiah 9:5,6 by D’Lissa Iannucci Calls Us to Smile

Paul Keggington

August 01, 2012

In these August summer days when we can’t help but be moved with waves of gratitude for Sister Water, Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity offer a free music download of  Nehemiah 9:5,6 by D’Lissa Iannucci, friend of our Sisters serving at St. Theresa Parish, Kekaha, HI.

Click here and enjoy an ocean view and learn more about the life of a Franciscan Sister in this environment.

Comment from D’Lissa Iannucci

I love this portion of scripture in Nehemiah, it humbles me and gives me proper perspective as I come before Him in worship.  Whether seeking His guidence, His forgiveness for my shortcomings or simply coming in grateful worship; Nehemiah 9: 5,6 reminds me that from the highest heavens to the depths of the sea… He is God Almighty, Creator of every living thing. I can rest in Him.

Side note:  There was a light rain falling as we recorded this song in the studio on Kauai, and in perfect timing as we ended, it was as though the Lord opened His floodgates of heaven and the rain came down like a waterfall.  We all sat there in awe and amazement, it felt like the Lord was pouring His pleasure and blessing upon us. If you listen closely at the end, you will hear it.  smile.  May He pour His good pleasure and blessing upon each of you.

About D’Lissa

I (D’lissa Iannucci) was born in Hawaii and raised on Kauai. I am married to Tom Iannucci, the Pastor of Breath of Life Christian Ministries on Kauai. We began the church 15 years ago a few months after my husband bought me my first guitar for my  birthday. Since there were only  5 of us, my best friend Dondi, daughter of the late- great Don Ho and I became the worship team. I only knew a few chords and so after playing the 3 songs I knew- too many times, I desperately began to write my own worship songs to the Lord. BIG SMILE. It’s been 15 years and about a hundred songs later…God has been FAITHFUL! My songs are simple and straight from my heart. I don’t see myself as a musician…I am a worshiper of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


Note: order D’ Lissa’s worship songs through both of these sites via iTunes or you’ll receive a hard copy if you want to order through her website.

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