4 Young Women Begin Journey as Franciscan Postulants

Paul Keggington

August 20, 2012

Sunday’s August 19, 2012, Eucharist reading from Ephesians invites all hearers ” to try to understand what is the will of God”. Today four young women acted on these words and began a  journey as Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity Postulants in Manitowoc, WI. 

Holy Family Convent newcomers arrived with simple possessions by plane on Saturday or  appeared with personal items by  Sunday mid-afternoon.  Rexann from Raleigh, MS, was the first Sister-shuttle  pick up at Milwaukee’s General Mitchel International Airport. Later, Chelsea, originating from Calgary, Canada, flew in at Green Bay’s Austin Straubel Airport.  Jenna, from Barnum, MN, and who  lived most recently in Superior, WI,  and Mary, who calls Lake in the Hills, IL, home, complete this year’s Postulant community.

As you may imagine, the first days with us include helpful sessions to familiarize the young women not only with our large Motherhouse with its many rooms, staircases and chapels, but oh so much more. Fitting  of postulant habits, time for prayer and registering for classes at Silver Lake College of the Holy Family, relaxed moments to get to know each other and our Sisters living at Holy Family Convent and near by convents will be some of the initial experiences. Sister Elaine Turba is entrusted with  overseeing  this important program of orientation. The year-long goal is growth in  dialogue about the  principles, values and common spirit of our Franciscan way of life and to prepare for the Novitiate.

Knowing some of you reading this post may be loved ones of our Postulants or possible discerners considering a call to be a Franciscan Sister, we invite you to learn more about  our newest candidates and their call to be postulants with us. Watch  for more coverage  (and better quality photos) here on Franciscanized World or Facebook or other Community blogs in the days ahead.

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