AdJUSTment Year of Faith October Focus: Alphonsus Rodriguez

Paul Keggington

October 24, 2012

Franciscan Sister Christian Charity Sister Kathleen Murphy thoughtfully considers Saint Alphonsus Rodriguez as a model of social justice in this Year of Faith.

We continue to weave threads of social doctrine, justice and peace with strands of faith displayed in the lives of our Saints.  October bids us look to the example of Saint Alphonsus Rodriguez.  A Jesuit lay brother, Alphonsus served as porter for 40 years and was determined to welcome each caller as if he were Christ Himself.  His faith and love shown through his daily occupation.  Though his life was punctuated with personal tragedies and disappointments, and though he left no special writings or teachings, the impact of his person on the people he met was his legacy.  He opened His broken heart to God and consequently served with such love that the act of opening the door became a sacramental gesture.  He shows us a way to turn a seemingly ordinary life into a practice of faithful justice.


Has my faith challenged me to infuse today’s service, today’s ministry, today’s tasks with a sense of justice, a longing for peace and a love inspired by Jesus?


God of all, inspire us to remember that our simplest acts can be vehicles for your love active among your people.  Help us to live our faith in loving service, we pray…

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