What Convocation for Women Religious Offered for Reflection

Paul Keggington

November 14, 2012

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity participated in an annual Tucson Diocesan Convocation for Religious where Father Thomas Picton CssR, the Director of the Desert House of Prayer, presented the Story of Abraham and Sarah as a paradigm for the Story of the Church and each of us.

Here’s a few relevant points of reflection:

  • God’s election of Abraham and Sarah and us had nothing to do with our worthiness and everything to do with God’s graciousness.
  • God’s promises to Abraham and Sarah and us that we’d be a blessing to others prompts us to get in touch with what is infinite, a much bigger picture than we see.
  • God’s call to trust our unknowing of the plan demands humility. It’s not up to us to orchestrate the process.

Does this speak to you and your own journey with God and our Church?

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