Why Blessed Miguel Pro is a Catholic Model of Social Justice

Paul Keggington

November 16, 2012

Approaching the Feast of Christ the King, Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity Sister Kathleen Murphy reflects on Blessed Miguel Pro as a Catholic model of social justice.

November culminates in the celebration of the Feast of Christ the King.  Our model in the practice of a just faith for this month is Blessed Miguel Pro.  His words still echo in the life of the church, “viva Cristo Rey.”

Father Miguel was a Mexican-born Jesuit priest.  His mission was to serve the Catholic people, to strengthen their faith, to celebrate the sacraments and to avoid arrest as long as possible.  His was an age of violent anti-Catholic repression.  Father Miguel proved to be a bit of a Mexican Scarlet Pimpernel, donning costumes and undergoing terrible risks.  He and his Jesuit brothers were active in challenging the government in defense of their faith and that of their people.

Father Miguel was eventually captured and used by the government as an example to the Catholic people of Mexico.  Though known to be innocent, and never sentenced, he was held in a dungeon until he was executed by a firing squad.  He faced death in prayerful silence with arms outstretched forming a cross.  He boldly proclaimed, “Viva Cristo Rey!”

Consider:  How have I placed myself totally at the service of Christ the King?  How did I proclaim the justice of the Kingdom today?

Pray:  Jesus, the Just One, strengthen us to stand in prayerful solidarity with those who are not free to pray, to work, to live in peace, we pray…

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