When Do Catholic Young Women Feel Happy

Paul Keggington

February 05, 2013

When Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity were invited recently by Campus Minister Sarah Simon to interact with over 70 Appleton, WI,  Xavier High School junior girls during their retreat day, we took the opportunity to learn first hand answers to a fundamental question in Catholic Vocation Discernment. When do you feel happy? As you give thought to how you would respond to this question, find below comments from the future of our Catholic Church.

When do you feel happy?

  • when I accomplished something that I really wanted and make others happy
  • when I am eating delicious food with my loved ones
  • when I am with my friends
  • when  I am with family & friends (Most Responses)
  • when listening to music (Significant Responses)
  • when I am with people who actually care about me
  • when I am alone in nature
  • when I’m away from all kind of technology; in a worry free state of mind
  • all the time

More responses

  • in my room, burning incense and listening to music
  • when I am with Him; when I am helping out or studying or doing my hobbies
  • reading
  • on stage performing
  • when doing things I love with people I love
  • making music (especially praise & worship)
  • dancing
  • sleeping or taking a nap (Significant responses:)!)
  • singing
  • drawing
  • playing soccer

Response pointing to a healthy self-knowledge…

  • when I can be myself (Significant responses)

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