Franciscan Sisters Announce Election Results of Community Leaders

Paul Keggington

June 25, 2013

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity Chapter of Elections opened June 24, 2013 with Morning Prayer commemorating the Nativity of St. John the Baptist, followed by the Eucharistic Liturgy celebrated by Bishop David Ricken. After Mass, the capitulars and the bishop proceeded to the Chapter Hall for the election of the new Community Director.

Announcement-of-Community-Director-Franciscan-Sister-Natalie-BinversieWhen a decision was reached, all community members were summoned to gather in St. Mary’s Chapel. Once there, Bishop Ricken thanked the Sisters for their prayers to the Holy Spirit. He then announced the election results naming Sister Natalie Binversie as Community Director. God, We Praise You was sung and all present greeted Sister Natalie individually.

Capitulars gathered once again in the afternoon to elect the new Council. The Sisters were summoned to the chapel to hear the results of the balloting for General Councilors. Sister Louise announced the results:Members of the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity newly elected General Administration

  • First Councilor: Sister Adrianna Schouten
  • Second Councilor: Sister Anne Marie Lom
  • Third Councilor: Sister Myra Jean Sweigart
  • Fourth Councilor: Sister Theresa Feldkamp

Franciscan-General-Administration-greets-CommunityCommunity Director Sister Natalie Benversie is pictured in the photo on the right in the front row with her Council.

After applause all adjourned to Sacred Heart Court to greet the new Councilors. Sister Natalie and the Councilors later proceeded to St. Rita’s to greet the Sisters.

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