Catholic World Youth Day 2013 Special: Streamed Brazilian Concert

Paul Keggington

July 01, 2013

As young pilgrims anticipate Pope Francis’ arrival on the World Youth Day stage, Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity stream a Brazilian-friendly concert collaborating with Jards Macale, Robert Everest, Marcio Esche, and through Instituto Musica Brasilis Caito Marcondes. You are invited to listen to the rhythmic musical compositions inspired by panoramic views of natural, breathtaking beauty and pure insight.

Stories are told of St. Francis using two sticks to create a concert of praise for God. Enjoy with us the creative energy of other free-spirited troubadours who move hearts.

Rei De Janeiro by Jards Macale

Rio De JaneiroSinger, guitarist, composer, arranger and actor Jards Anet Da Silva was born in th Tijuca but moved to Ipanema when he was 8 years old. Closely linked to the artists of the tropicalista movement in the 1960’s, he directed shows, performed with and had his music recorded by Maria Bethania and Gal Costa.


Costa Nova by Robert Everest

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I composed Costa Nova while in the small Portuguese town with the same name, inspired by the beauty of the sea and the warm, relaxed vibe in the town.  It is a meditative piece that always relaxes me when I play it and I hope it does the same for the listener. 

-Robert Everest

Robert Everest is a Minneapolis-based singer/songwriter/guitarist who is quick to becoming a household name in the Twin Cities’ international music scene. Performing an average of 180-200 shows a year–locally, nationally and internationally, he has delighted audiences around the globe with his original compositions and his vast repertoire of acoustic World Music. Latin American music makes us the majority of his repertoire, but he also plays music from Southern Europe singing in Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Greek and of course English.


Lua by Marcio Esche

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Lyrics: click here.

Marco-EschMarco Esch was born in 1967 in the land of Bossa Nova in Rio de Janeiro. Besides being a singer, he presently works in the areas of journalism, environment, music and cultural production. He is the oldest of five children of Mary Esch and Antonio Gomes. Because of his father’s unemployment, Marco at age 13 assisted his mother in the task of caring for his 4 siblings – Marcelo, Marcio Alessandra and Ricardo. Despite struggles, Mary Esch, worked, took a nursing class and left nothing lacking. Time passed, resources were few, but God has never forsaken this family. At 17 Marco Esch felt the call of God, became committed to use his gift of singing to not only praise God, but draw others to Christ. Read more


How to Play a Ganza by Caito Marcondes

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Caito-MarcondesProfessional percussionist Caito Marcondes demonstrates on website Instituto Musica Brasilis how to play the ganza,  a type of rattle widely used in various musical genres, among them samba. Among the many different shapes and materials that may constitute the ganzás, those who have shaped tube made ​​of aluminum and are important components of the batteries ahead of Rio samba schools and have a strong sound.

How does this music speak to your soul? What touches you about the people and culture of Brazil?


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