Catholic Parish Festival Auction Item: 3 P’s with 4 S’s

Paul Keggington

July 18, 2013

Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity Sister Dorothy Wagner shares about recent guests at St. Agnes Convent, Green Bay, WI for a Parish Festival Auction bid.

The Remondini family won the St. Agnes Parish Festival ‘3 P’s with 4 S’s’ silent auction bid (that is Pizza, Play and Pray with 4 Sisters) joining Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity Sister Mercita Vanden Avond, Sister Ann Carla Baumann, Sister Jacqueline Spaniola and Sister Dorothy Wagner on a Saturday for an enjoyable afternoon.

St.-Agnes-Convent-Dress-Up-DinnerBecause Papa Murphy’s pizza was very filling, the group had to work for their sundaes by dressing up for dessert. Each person received a bag of items to wear to the “Make Your Own Sundae’ event. There was  a lot of laughter in getting dressed while Sisters Mercita and Jackie got the ice cream fixings ready.

After enjoying the ‘feast’ and dividing into two teams, everyone joined in a scavenger hunt which included among other things, a family word search, coloring picture, finding a quote of or about a saint and playing a cd with a hymn or religious song.

After some time to chat about the things we found, we ended with a procession to chapel for a short prayer service. This was a chance to share a side of community that isn’t always visible to our parishioners. And it was FUN!

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