7 Quick Takes Friday: Franciscan Sisters’ Invitations

Paul Keggington

September 13, 2013

— 1 —

The first in a Franciscan list is the most important. Please invite a friend to come with you to our Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity Fall Year of Faith Discernment Retreats.

September 21-22, 2013: contemplate the mystery of your Baptismal call as you participate in the International Coastal Cleanup on the shores of Lake Michigan.

November 1-3, 2013: consider what the Eucharist meant to St. Francis and experience serving others with us.

Click here to learn more.

— 2 —

September signals a new season of returning, learning and discerning whether in academic studies, but often also in the work place or in ever-changing relationships.

We invite you to enjoy a free music download of Mike Mangione’s Fields of Evermore. Click here to listen to the song and find out what this song means to Mike.

— 3 —

You really liked that song?! We have another meaningful mp3 for you.

Click here to listen to another fine Catholic musician Paul Koleske and freely download Maybe You Will See.

Find a brief reflection from Paul born of his own relationship with God.

— 4 —

Pope Francis’ words have made an impression on the students at All Saints Catholic School, Sierra Vista, AZ.  According to Principal Franciscan Sister Carol Seidl, the  theme for the new school year is “Journeying With Pope Francis!”

The Pope has the eyes and ears of the whole world and this includes elementary age students. Read more about how these young Catholics are watching and listening to him.

— 5 —

We’d like to share about another important Franciscan moment for our Congregation. On September 1, 2013, Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity launched a new step in the journey of becoming a Franciscan Sister that allows for gradual preparation for the Postulancy in our Community. Read more about the actual ritual that was prayed to welcome 3 young women.

— 6 —

How do you meet a Franciscan Sister. It is quite simple. Invite us to meet you where you are! Contact us here or call/text Sister Julie Ann at 920.323.9632.

— 7 —

Take a deep breath of Brother Wind…and check out our latest you tube podcast on St. Francis and Reflections on the Incarnation. Click here to listen to Sister Anne Marie Lom. You’ll be inspired by Franciscan wisdom.

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