7 Quick Takes Friday: Franciscan Sister U.P. Highs

Paul Keggington

November 08, 2013

— 1 —

Franciscan Sister Ludmilla responds to poor people's needsHere’s a Gospel way of shopping that makes sense.  Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity Sister Ludmilla is way ahead in her Christmas exchange.

She’s been watching sales and cutting out coupons since last February for Incarnational Feast gifts for families in need in Marquette, MI. Right now the phone is ringing sometimes going into the answering machine mode recording the names of promising sponsors for children and adults now and in the future. A spirit of gratitude tends the fire of giving as all those served always send messages of thanks to those responsible for answering their need. No wonder this cyclic shopping spree works.

— 2 —

What makes a parish All Saints/All Soul’s memorial service so meaningful at this time of year? Marquette, MI, St. Michael Parish not only called out each person’s name and date when they journeyed to heaven this year, lighted candles for each one near the baptismal font (yes, this couldn’t be more symbolic), added extra lighted tapers for anyone else anyone wanted to remember that died, but Northern Michigan University Catholic Center Campus Minister Catherine Hardenbergh sang this Sara Hart song.

— 3 —

Franciscan Sister Adrianna (a member of our General Administration–our Sisters who are entrusted with the grace to lead our Community of Sisters)  likes to visit the U.P. before the snow flies. God has a sense of humor. Snow came before and shortly after her appointed time. What would this part of the world be without this frozen spectacular wonder:)

Upper Michigan Snowflakes


— 4 —

At Northern Michigan University Catholic Center,  students are talking about registering for next semester’s classes. It is not unusual that students actually change direction in their academic hopes based on what classes they can and can not sign up for and what seems to be their present greatest strength. Sounds like the intercession of Franciscan St. Joseph of Cupertino might be best applied to this academic lottery? His feastday was appropriately timed this Tuesday November 6.

— 5 —

Franciscan Sisters Sister Colleen and Sister Marcelyn are busy about all the pastoral needs of St. Christopher’s Parish in Marquette. Trick or treating took the form of visiting the elderly treating them with some sweet tender loving words of care. And yes, food goodies were also distributed.

— 6 —

Hey, it’s pasty time! Sister Margey and the Catholic community in Republic and Champion are into making lots (like 1,000) of these healthy-crusted, all in one, traditional, perfect pockets of nutrition for the cold, cold north this weekend. (Sister Bernadone, a U.P. native, is in solidarity as she gathers ingredients to make her own batch at Chiara Convent in Manitowoc not only for the Sisters, but also for Hope House residents.) St. Christopher Parish also holds a  local legacy of  pasty making. The women of the parish are said to have produced 1,000 pasties per month, nine months out of the year. Pasties are truly more than something to eat.


Progress on the Bishop Baraga Shrine is coming along. Rumor has it beautiful stained glass windows explaining the history of the Diocese of Marquette are now installed. Peering through the glass of the current Cathedral gathering space toward the new addition,  a new solar ceiling arches over the new construction.  All the better to see the snowflakes fly for this snowshoe saint and to capture any sun ray of energy to warm the hearts and bodies of future pilgrims! Here’s a picture of what the crypt of Bishop Baraga looks like right now. (On the right hand side at the bottom lies the burial site of Bishop Mark Schmitt. Franciscan Sisters automatically tend to include a prayer to him as well!)

Peace and all good in this Year of Faith! If there is any way we can assist you as you grow in love for God and His people, we invite you to contact us here. Watch for our November Year of Faith song of the month from a collaborative of artists here…it is a guaranteed spiritual high!

Franciscan Sister at Bishop Baraga Shrine Marquette MI


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