#14 How Do You Meet a Franciscan Sister: Music Outreach, Young Adult Gathering

Paul Keggington

November 16, 2013

It is time to share a few more #howdoyoumeetafranciscansister road trips. Yes, we truly mean it. Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity will meet you where you are.

Holy Cross Parish, Mishicot, WI…

One of our favorite requests is sharing our music. This time we loaded up instruments and piled in two vans for Holy Cross Parish, Mishicot, WI for the Saturday evening Mass.

The place was packed. Talk about adrenalin kicking in as we rushed to set up. Father John Becker and the Catholic Community were great singers. They made us sound good. It was an evening of remembering members of the parish who were celebrating their first All Saints/All Souls Day in heaven. We left truly inspirited.

Franciscan Sisters at Holy Cross Catholic Community Mishicot, WI

St. Mary Parish Young Adults, Elm Grove, WI

We consider young adult presentation requests a priority. Recently, we found our way through Milwaukee’s orange-barreled construction for our destination St. Mary Church, Elm Grove, WI. After Eucharistic Adoration, an introduction by James, prayer and podcast, Sister Louise began by defining the differences between faith, religion and spirituality. Franciscan spirituality and Pope Francis’ seemingly strong emphasis on our patron was the topic of discussion.

Franciscan Sister Rexann and Franciscan Sister Louise arrive back from Elm Grove WI

From a young adult perspective herself, Sister Rexann also commented on what drew her to follow St. Francis’ Gospel life. Those in attendance not only asked a few questions, but shared in some New Evangelization outreach by listening to our November song the month Open the Door (Abrir a Porta) on our website and sharing their thoughts with all future internet followers.

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