Here’s a Franciscan College Finals Week Treat

Paul Keggington

December 11, 2013

Although some might consider Christmas baking at this time of year, Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity Sister Linda Brandes and Sister Marcus Steede mixed up a large batch of chocolate chip cookies (not for Christmas), but for Silver Lake College of the Holy Family Students during Finals Week. It was Sister Anne Turba’s idea. She thought it would be homey way for all of us at the Holy Family Convent to reach out to our neighbors at a time of real need.

Silver Lake College Students Receive Cookies for exam week from Franciscan SistersAfter the cookies were cooled, Sister Estelle Vanden Heuvel, Sister Maria Jose Scharinger, Sister Angela Paul, Sister Martin Flavin, Sister Marlene Schwaller and Sister Kay Elmer packaged the goodies with a picture postcard printed in the Motherhouse Commmunication Department. The greeting included a prayer to St. Joseph of Cupertino, (Franciscan patron of getting the right questions-the ones you know-on an exam) and an original Sister Martinella Janz poem.

On Monday evening, still another group of Sisters(see if you can identify them?) distributed the gift in the college cafeteria as students gathered for an evening Finals Breakfast Feast.

The poem and more pictures follow:


It is again hereSilver Lake College Students Prepare for Finals Week

Testing is in gear!

Will you scurry

In reckless worry?

Have a little care

You WILL prepare.

Get busy on your part

Have a grateful heart,Exam Week Franciscan Sisters' Treat

And eat a small treat

Keeping calm and sweet!

A gift for you from HFC

(The Sisters) as you study.


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