Franciscan Sister Teaches Teachers About the Latest in Media Education

Paul Keggington

April 16, 2014

In a series of Herald Times Reporter articles on media in education, Benjamin Wideman, Director of Communications at Silver Lake College of the Holy Family, Manitowoc, WI,  highlights Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity Sister Christine Stoller, teacher of Technology & Media in Education.

 Franciscan Sister Christine Stoller shows digital table to Silver Lake College of the Holy Family student.MANITOWOC — When Sister Christine Stoller was a student at Silver Lake College, her Media in Education course was nothing like it is today.

“We were learning how to use movie projectors in classrooms and how to pin things up on bulletin boards,” she said with a laugh. “One of my majors was in math, and we didn’t even have calculators-we used slide rules.

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