Franciscan Easter Song: One Thing I Ask by Matthew Hardy

Paul Keggington

April 19, 2014

Easter invites an awake,  straight-forward song. Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity’s choice is Matthew Hardy’s One Thing I Ask. (Spontaneous St. Francis would probably add a free-flowing ALLELUIA chorus!) Psalm 27 expresses “boundless hope that God will bring rescue” (USCCB website commentary).  Enjoy a a free Easter music download.

Click here for a free music download of One Thing I Ask.

Comment on the Song ‘One Thing I Ask’

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity feature Matthew Hardy's One Thing I AskI wrote this song with my friends Emelia and Eric Lilly at their house after dinner one night. We were just singing some songs we all knew, and I started improvising some lyrics with Psalms 27 & 45 in mind, and also the writings of the Apostle Paul.

I think the song is about being present with what is in front you of you at the time, whether it be a person, or an image, or a tree. It doesn’t matter. We are beholding something beautiful at all times, in my opinion.

I have always been moved by the words of David. He reminds me of Mary sitting at the feet of Jesus, just “being” with him. It’s not about making plans, and going to the right movie, or the perfect restaurant, or the cab ride in between. If I like who I am with, I don’t care what we’re doing, I’m just thrilled I am with her, and I would be content to stare into her eyes for an hour over a cup of coffee, or even a glass of water;

Water into wine, is what I am imagining as I experience the miracle of good company, and communion with another;

I watch her walk toward me, and look over my shoulder as we part.

That is all I ask, and in my experience, that is what is always available to me. No one can take that away from me. No one can touch that kind of ownership and responsibility for my own happiness and peace, even bliss. This is how I live, with the confidence that I am, truly in perfect peace, here, now, in this moment. Rejoice.

– Matthew Hardy


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