Franciscans Reflect on Reverence for Life this Memorial Weekend

Paul Keggington

May 23, 2014

For Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity this Memorial Day Weekend is cause for reflection on the blessing, sacredness and communitarian nature of human life. Here are a few reasons why.

  • Franciscan Sisters at Cambridge, OH Walk for LifeAs Pope Francis embarks to Jordan, Bethlehem and Jerusalem with Rabbi Abraham Skorka and Sheikh Omar Abboud, reverence for human life is communicated through an unmistakable message of willingness to walk and work together with others of differing opinions. We are grateful for this communal witness.
  • As Americans we remember those who have made great sacrifices for our freedom-even to being willing to give totally of the gift of their lives for the good of others. We salute with gratitude these service men and women.
  • Recently, Sister Mary Gabriel Van Dreel, Sister Carolee Vanness, Sister Sue Ann Hall and Sister Sharon Paul participated as members of Christ Our Light Parish in a Walk For Life held at Cambridge Park, Cambridge, OH. As Sisters trusting in the future of our world and the memories and goodness of all previous generations, we pray and sacrifice for a greater appreciation for human life from the moment of conception to the moment of natural death.

The Lord bless you on your Memorial Weekend! Make it memorable!Franciscan Sisters at Walk for Life in Cambridge OH

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