View St. Francis of Assisi Portrait by Austin Arist Sue Kemp

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

October 03, 2014

On this 2014 feast of St. Francis, Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity are delighted to highlight the warm-hearted, mystic representation of  ‘S. Francesco di Asis’ by Austin, TX artist Sue Kemp.

About the painting of St. Francis:Sue Kemp_S. Francesco di Assisi

“S. Francesco di Asis” 2010, by Sue Kemp

Watercolor on aqua board, 14 x 11, with gold leaf

Permanent Collection of the Austin Catholic Diocese

My husband and I have traveled to Italy several times and visited Assisi on our first trip. The Basilica of Saint Francis had recently been renovated due to damage from an earthquake in 1997. Exploring the city, we were able to experience a glimpse of the life of St. Francis. My painting is based on his image in a fresco, which I found in the lower Basilica. Cimabue painted the image of Our Lady with Child Enthroned, Four Angels and Saint Francis (1280), which is probably the nearest likeness existing, showing the actual appearance of St. Francis. This static painting is in Gothic style.

About the Artist:

Sue Kemp I have been painting in watercolor for over 30 years, beginning after a brief career as an elementary school teacher and the loss of two husbands in tragic events in my early 20’s (automobile accident and Vietnam). I began painting with the support and encouragement of my present husband of 40 years, focusing on portraying the beauty in the world around us, which we sometimes take for granted. I came full circle and became a teacher again, sharing my vision with other adults in Watercolor classes at the Art School at Laguna Gloria, in Austin, and privately. Our trips to Italy always include a tour of religious sights in the various regions, along with painting and teaching, as a lead instructor for D*Lux Travel.

My paintings have been published in several art books, a children’s book, magazines and on posters. I also hold signature membership in both Southwestern and Texas Watercolor Societies.

My painting subject matter is varied, as I enjoy trying to capture the essence of living creatures, florals and the landscape. Texas missions and churches from around the world have also been a favorite subject.

I also enjoy traveling, gardening and singing in the Liturgical Chorale at St. Theresa’s Catholic Church. Our statue of St. Francis stands beside the bird bath in the garden outside my kitchen window, where we enjoy watching the birds throughout the day. Read more: Sue Kemp brief bio with pic 2014.


Sue Kemp Watercolors


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