Here’s a Franciscan Tabernacle Pilgrimage

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

October 13, 2014

Silver Lake College of the Holy Family student, Mary Bettag, Campus Ministry Assistant, had an idea: a Franciscan Pilgrimage to the tabernacles found on the college campus and the near by Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity convents. Franciscan Sister Mardelle Meinholz, College Chaplain Father Hilary Brzezinski and Campus Minister Tommy Nelsen also were present to support and walk this journey.

Franciscan pilgrimage 7 tabernaclesEach stop included a brief introduction by one of our Sisters, a special intention and some quiet time for personal prayer.

Here’s the listing of the chapels and focus for prayer:

  • St. Rita Chapel: for all of the elderly and infirm that they be taken care of and loved.
  • St. Mary Chapel: for a strengthening of the bonds of community in our homes, families and world.
  • St. Francis Chapel: for peace in our world especially in Ukraine and the Middle East, and for peace in our hearts.
  • Silver Lake College of the Holy Family Chapel: for students, and for guidance in their discernment and decision-making.
  • Chiara Convent: for teachers, parents and all who are involved in the formation and education of young people.
  • Fellowship (recognizing the tabernacle in each person on pilgrimage): for each of us to truly meet Christ especially in our encounters with others.
  • St. Francis Convent Chapel: for an increase in our gratitude and joy.

Participants also called upon God to find security in Christ and not in possessions, to open homes and hearts to one another, so that all traveling is lighter.Franciscan pilgrimage

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