Franciscan Spirituality is Topic of Parish Mission in Yuma, AZ

October 30, 2014

Franciscan Sister Anne Marie Lom shares on her recent invitation to present on Franciscan Spirituality to people attending the Immaculate Conception Parish Mission Yuma, AZ.

Franciscan Sisters celebrating with Immaculate Conception Parish Yuma AZImmaculate Conception Parish, Yuma, AZ will celebrate its 150 anniversary in 2016. The year 2014 was a year highlighting the presence of the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity who have served the parish for 84 years. One of the culminating events of the “Year of the Sisters” was a three night Parish Mission on Franciscan Spirituality. Each evening 50-60 people gathered to explore an aspect of Franciscan Spirituality.

On October 20 the emphasis was on three pillars of Franciscan Spirituality: the Incarnation, the Passion/Death/Resurrection of Jesus and the Eucharist.

Forgiveness as a form of “letting go and poverty” was explored on October 21.

Franciscan Sister Anne Marie Lom presents on Franciscan SpiritualityThe delight of all creation and the realization that we are brothers and sisters of all created things was studied on October 22. St. Francis’ Canticle of Creation was the focal point of prayer and reflection.

Sisters Charlene Acker, Alexandra Bettinardi, Andrene Flasch and Ann Mary Hart made the entire evening delightful by providing the environment (pictured here) and tables of food and refreshments. After the talks, the attendees gathered to socialize with each other and visit with the Sisters. The presence of Secular Franciscans from Yuma was an added blessing.

The members of the parish, once again, expressed gratitude for the presence of the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity and their many years of service.


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