Franciscan Free Song: ‘Too Much Going On’ by Matt Harlan

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

January 30, 2015

Does this song speak to you and your life? Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity offer you a free download of  Too Much Going On by Houston favorite Matt Harlan.

Discerning-VocationSt. Bonaventure’s Holiness in Life might be read through the lines of its lyrics.

“The Law of the Lord teaches us the way to live, what is to be done, avoided, believed, prayed for, longed for and feared. It teaches how to live…

Recollect whether the control of your heart is slipshod and hap hazard. Are you careless in the use of your time? Is the intention you propose to your self habitually imperfect? Examine diligently… because it is of the utmost importance that you govern your affections, that you spend your time profitably and always and in every action have a good and becoming object or end in view. ”

Franciscan Sisters feature Matt HarlanThis song was the first collaboration I’ve ever done via texting. My friend, Colin Raftery, sent me a late-night message with a single, intriguing line about a “reaper on the fence” and although I didn’t quite understand it at first, it matched up perfectly with a melody I had been working on. Quickly it turned into a meditation on how we can sometimes be overwhelmed and frozen in place between the unlimited stream of “things” bearing down on us and the limited time we have here on earth to address them. Ultimately we all have to break through the pressure between the two forces and make a choice to act or stand still.

-Matt Harlan

About Matt Harlan

Houston favorite, Matt Harlan is a troubadour of the first degree, bringing his handcrafted songs to stages across his home state of Texas, the USA and Europe.

Harlan is a winner of multiple songwriting accolades, from outfits like American Songwriter, the Telluride Bluegrass Festival and Billboard. He was named Singer-Songwriter of the Year in the 2013 Texas Music Awards and was featured alongside a stellar cast of characters (Lyle Lovett, Guy Clark) in the documentary, “For the Sake of the Song.”

His first two studio albums were well received by national and international Americana radio, both earning the #1 spot on the Euro Americana Chart. “Raven Hotel” his third – and possibly best – record also hit the top spot on the Euro charts after its release in 2014. As with each collection, the newest one features a musical roux that showcases Harlan’s literary grit with a variety of moods to fit the many themes on the record.

In his recent travels, Matt has shared stages with Americana greats such as Guy Clark, James McMurtry and up-and-comers like John Fullbright.



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