Franciscan Sisters Sent to Serve God’s People

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

April 14, 2015

Recently, Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity received their 2015-2016 missioning assignments.

What does that mean? After consultation with each Sister, Sister Natalie and her Council assign each of our Sisters to a community of Sisters and a ministry for the Church. Each Sister receives a card which states: you are called to live the Gospel in our Franciscan Community and serve God’s people at _____________for this 2015-2016 year as Franciscan Sisters Mission Assignment_______________. St. Francis words from the Third Order Rule #30 are also quoted: “Recall that you have given yourself up completely and handed yourself over to our Lord Jesus Christ.” All Sisters are commissioned during a prayer service in their current geographical location.

While remaining committed to many places of significant need, we will be serving at St. Anthony of Padua Parish, Casa Grande, AZ for the first time. One of our Sisters will also be serving at St. Thomas More School, Green Bay, WI while living with our Sisters at St. Agnes Convent who serve in various ministries thoughout Green Bay. A new convent will also be established at St. Andrew Parish, Sierra Vista, AZ. Our Sisters at St. Mary Convent West Point, NE will also be living at a new address.

May we wake up the world through our joyful living of the Gospel life.

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