Franciscan Sister’s Own Diary of a Soul

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

August 10, 2015

When asked to identify her own unique talents, skills, hobbies and interests humble Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity Sister George Ann Schommer wrote, “some writing talent, typing, crocheting and knitting.” When she acknowledged “some writing”, this was indeed an understatement!

Franciscan Sister George Ann Schommer writer and librarianCommunity Director Sister Natalie Binversie shared at Sister George Ann’s wake reflection that “she has been a prolific journal letter writer since May 1, 1948. Each volume contains letter after letter to Jesus and once in a while a letter is addressed to God, the Holy Spirit or to Mary, the Blessed Mother.”

For those who would like to know more about this consecrated religious and the family and experiences that were hers, we share Sister Natalie’s complete wake reflection celebrating Sister George Ann’s entrance into heaven. Click here: Franciscan Sister George Ann Schommer wake reflection For more photos, click here.

On this eve of St. Clare’s death, we share Sister George Ann’s July 25th , second last journal entry:

“Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Sons of Zebedee asked for a special place next to the Father. I also ask for the grace to come to Your Kingdom. I need to grow in holiness and love for you each day to be more acceptable to enter the realms of glory. I beg pardon for my lack of holiness. Make me ready when you are ready for me.”

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