Francis Month: Streamed Concert by The Saint Francis Band

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

October 01, 2015

October is the month of St. Francis. During this inspiring saint’s feast, Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity feature the perfectly-named, streamed concert of The Saint Francis Band and collaborate with them in offering a free download of their song St. Francis. Find goodness and peace not only in this sensitively-written,  soul-moving music, but in all things! Enjoy!

The Saint Francis Band logoThe thing that I like about making music is that I get to leave the songs open for interoperation. Each song will mean something completely different for each person that hears it, and I love that. I can tell you what it means for me, but I wouldn’t want it too take away from what they would mean for somebody else. I write each song from a Non-Fiction point of view, and the subject are focused around real situations, events, emotions, etc. I think that as people come to hear the featured songs; my hopes is that the raw emotion of each tune will evoke feelings of a deep spiritual nature from which they come, and apply that too their own reality.

-J. Scott Baston

Follow the links to purchase more music by the Saint Francis Band.

About The Saint Francis Band

TThe Saint Francis Band is Franciscan SIsters musicians for the monthhe Saint Francis Band was born from a wealth of experience, and knowledge, denouncing negative ego, and replacing it with humanitarianism, and love through the power of music. The Saint Francis Band is a marriage of creative force, radiating from the purest of hearts with the most genuine of souls. The content of their songs relate to everyone through the power of music. Their sound touches the deepest recesses of emotion and heart, and lifts your spirit to a new awareness of what the harmony of musical composition can reach.

The band is signed with Tree Leaf Records out of Atlanta, GA, and All About The Artist Management out of Erie, PA. Recordings include “One of Many” recorded at Star Motel Records of Macon, and mastered at Music Farm Recording of Loganville; single, “Revolution Radio” from John Keane Studios in Athens; and currently in production an album out of Omni Sound in Nashville with Tommy Cooper producing and engineering, and John Keane Studios in Athens. Look for great things out of this stellar band, and join them in their Bubble as they reach new heights of musical expression.

Photo: Logan Wallis – Keys/Organ, J. Scott Baston – Lead Vocals/Guitars, Dustin McCook – Vocals/Guitars, Derek Warren – Bass Guitars, Brandon McCrae – Vocals/Drums, Ansley Stewart – Vocals




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