Catholic Parish Keeps on Celebrating 150 Year Anniversary

December 13, 2015

Franciscan Sister Charleen Acker shares one day of a special 150 year anniversary celebration of  Immaculate Conception Parish Yuma, AZ.

These are some pictures of our parish feastday celebration Tuesday night. It was very meaningful. We were part of the entrance procession.Franciscan Postulant Mary and Sister Alexandra

The crowning of the Blessed Mother did happen that night. Young people were asked to write a poem or essay about Mary and her role in their life. Most of the entries came from school. All of us Sisters and our Postulant Mary enjoyed judging.

A seventh grade girl’s poem  was chosen as well as a seventh grade boy’s. Father wanted a boy to accompany the girl to crown the statue of Mary this year. The winning entries are printed and will remain at the feet of the Blessed Mother’s  statue all year.Immaculate Conception Parish Sanctuary

At the end of Mass many of us were consecrated to the Virgin Mary. We read the book 33 Days to Glory for the last 33 days. We were amazed at how many members of the parish made this commitment. More will have the opportunity on January 1st and again on August 15th.

More pictures, click here.

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