Franciscan Sister Born a Triplet

January 10, 2016

On this feast of the Baptism of Jesus, Franciscan Sister Natalie Binversie shares the life of Sister Rita Ann Fish, born a triplet and a native of Marquette, MI.Franciscan Sister Rita Ann Fish

Rita Ann was born to Wilfred and Mary (Morin) Fish on January 9, 1933, the only survivor of triplets. Since she was not expected to live, she was baptized shortly after she was born.

On January 22nd Rita was taken to St. John the Baptist Church in Marquette, Michigan for the full Rite of Baptism. Her mother died when Rita was five days old. She was raised by her Dad, her brother, Ed, who was 15 at the time and her brother, Bill, who was 12.   Housekeepers were hired to help care for Rita. She had fond memories of her Dad playing jokes on her. She recalled that he was kind, patient, respectful and helpful, the best Dad in the world!

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