Franciscan Stations: Unclothing by Francis’ Father

January 23, 2016

Franciscan Sister Marsaia Kaster offers a reflection on a significant moment in St. Francis’ life.

St. Francis of AssisiFrancis and his merchant father, Pietro, had come to such an impasse. Why was Francis acting like a beggar; provoking the ridicule of the populace; and “stealing” his father’s money and goods to buy supplies for the churches? Enough was enough! Pietro stood his ground and demanded the Bishop settle this once and for all.

Meanwhile, Francis’ spirit was being formed to a new pattern, the pattern of the poor, naked Christ Who gave Himself for all of us. Francis had only one desire now: to follow this Jesus Who loved His Father and us more than His life.

 So Francis gave back his father’s money, “unclothed” himself before the Bishop and declared:

“Until now I have called Pietro Bernadone my father, from now on I will call God in heaven my Father.”

This extremely painful event freed Francis to follow the Lord.

 What pains do I entrust to the Lord in my following of Jesus?      

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