Franciscan Free Song: Movement 2 Hungry for Heaven by David Gomez Sanz, Alberto Ayuso Domingo and Richard Schletty

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

March 01, 2016

This Lent Franciscan Sisters collaborate with David Gomez Sanz, Alberto Ayuso Domingo and Richard Schletty to offer a free download of Movement #2 Pour It Out from Hungry for Heaven Opus. Morning St. Francis by Brendan Wroblewski OFM

As poet, St. Francis also sought to express his relationship with our Most High, all good God.  Listen to this modern day verse.  Be inspired to continue your own heart-felt conversion. Come back later in the month as we highlight another recently refreshed dynamic movement for Easter. (Photo: Brendan Wroblewski OFM, Assumption BVM Provinc

“Hungry for Heaven” is a journey of the human being through basic and primitive questions. The searching for the answers beyond our physical existence.  The silence of God, man facing death, life after life. Once a man is aware of his finitude, does everything reach a meaning?

Some people are blessed with the Grace of Joy. While others are still looking for a light in the darkness. Some people find strength in the pain while others find sharks in a pool. The incomprehensible reasons of our suffering are washed away in the Cross of Jesus Christ. Our pain is the pain of God. And He cures the scars of ours souls. He embraces our perfect imperfections. Hungry For Heaven is about our claim to the sky, our cry to the infinite horizon. In our hunger, can we come to feel His presence.

– David Gómez Sanz

Click here to read Richard Schletty’s poem “Hungry for Heaven” which was the beginning of writing lyrics for the 11 movements of the project.

About Hungry for Heaven

This concept album is an internet collaboration of David Gómez Sanz (Segovia, Spain), Alberto Ayuso Domingo (Segovia, Spain) and Richard Cecil Schletty (St. Paul, Minnesota, U.S.A.). Hungry For Heaven is an hour-long concept album which deals with evil, suffering, the silence of God, the restless spirit, faith, salvation, selfless love, Christian discipleship, and the necessity of right relationships with the hierarchy of creation.Hungry for Heaven David Gomez Sanz Alberto Ayuso Domingo Richard Schletty March 2016

Music styling ranges from classic orchestral to acoustic folk to celestial to progressive rock. The vocal stylings, spanning bass to tenor registers, are gritty yet soothing (like wet sand in the palm of your hand). Sometimes folk-like, sometimes operatic, always engaging. Words can be understood.

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