A Franciscan Community’s 4th of July Celebration

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

July 04, 2016

Did anything significant happen on the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity 4th of July this year? After all, 240 years ago on this day our nation celebrated its birth.

Franciscan Sisters Celebrate July 4 2016Over the years, we were gifted with a precious U.S. flag at our Motherhouse. It is a symbol that reminds us of the ideals that drives our nation and that it is in truly God that we trust. It was the flag that our Sister Clarita Ryan’s family received at the burial service of her brother at Arlington National Cemetery, VA. It is a reminder to pray for all families in gratitude for the sacrifices they continue to make today.Franciscan Sisters raise flag on July 4 2016

When it comes to state allegiance, those in our Franciscan formation program alone hail from 3 states: Michigan, Arkansas and Colorado (born). After mid-day lawn games, Patriotic Jeopardy was played in a convent team effort. Franciscan Sisters July 4th water balloon tossGame show hosts facilitated the game while adding good-spirited state trivia tucked in with bits of our own Community history. It was helpful to have many Sisters representing various states for needed answers.

Later, an outdoor movie with an Olympic theme was set to start at sundown.

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