Franciscan Sisters Reflect on Faithful Citizenship

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

July 16, 2016

Elections are coming. On July 14, 2016 Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity invited Catherine Orr, Living Justice Coordinator for the Diocese of Green Bay to facilitate a presentation on Faithful Citizenship.

Catherine provided summaries of the U.S. Bishops’ reflection, Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship, complementing the teaching of bishops in dioceses and states. Helpful Tips for making decisions on candidates and key questions to do research before voting in an election were also provided. Catherine Orr spoke to Franciscan Sisters

Wisely stating that no candidate is perfect, Catherine encouraged all present to be engaged in transforming our culture in whatever way possible day by day. The Gospel calls for action in humility and dialogue beyond the voting booth. We are called to help wake up the culture of indifference on issues that are important to us.

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