Franciscan Sister Among Camino de Santiago Presenters

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

July 31, 2016

Recently around the Feast of St. James, Franciscan Sister Anne Turba joined her brother Dave and sister-in-law Annika in giving a presentation on the history, the beauty and the lessons of the Camino de Santiago (the Way of St. James).Franciscan Sister Anne and family on Camino de SantiagoAll three interspersed stories from the journey with sincerity and joy. In addition, not only were helpful packing suggestions given, but also hints on foot care, food, etc. Sister Anne distributed a copy of the Beatitudes of a Franciscan Pilgrim that she credited Father Dan Crosby OFM Cap for  wisdom shared in a Holy Family Convent retreat in the 1990’s. Here are two of the beatitudes that were witnessed in Sister Anne, Dave and Annika by all of us.

“Blessed are those who travel lightly; they shall be free to receive gifts in abundance along the way.”

“Blessed are those who appreciate everything and everyone along the way; they shall have the joy of always arriving.”


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