Franciscan Sister at Oxford for NaProEthics Conference

Sister JulieAnn Sheahan

October 31, 2016

Franciscan Sister Renee Mirkes presents at University of Oxford, St. Hugh’s College on the topic of threats to healthcare rights of conscience in the U.S.. She reflects on the experience.

Last February, the International Commission on Legal and Religion Studies (ICLARS) put out a call for papers on various aspects of Religious Liberty in preparation for a conference on that subject at the University of Oxford, St. Hugh’s College. Representing the Center for NaProEthics, I submitted an abstract on threats to healthcare rights of conscience in the U.S. and it was accepted. The conference began on September 8th and I presented (with Jesus at my side) on September 9th. Much to my surprise—and to my relief—my lecture was accepted by persons on the right and the left. I attribute that acceptance, once again, to the Lord’s help. Participants and speakers came from all over the world; I made many new friends, and I returned safe and sound to the U.S.A. on September 12th ―thrilled to be back on American soil.franciscan-sister-renee-mirkes-at-university-of-oxford

The conference was intense, so not much time for picture taking, but I include here a picture of St. Hugh’s College, Oxford (one of six or seven colleges that comprise the University of Oxford), so you could see what things look like in this corner of the world. Medieval buildings, many dating back to the 13th century, abound everywhere. Special thanks to the Community for their sponsorship of the trip and the conference

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